Land of the Lost

Dhanushkodi was once a thriving fishing village in the island of Ramehwaram (Tamil Nadu,INDIA). This ill-fated village was destroyed in a freakish storm in the year 1964.On that fateful night (December 22nd) at 23.55 the Pamban-Dhanushkodi passenger train was entering the station when it was hit by a massive tidal wave .The whole train was washed away killing all the 115 passengers on the spot.The cyclone destroyed the whole town killing over 1800 people.A massive tidal wave engulfed all the buildings and left them marooned for weeks.After this disaster the government declared Dhanushkodi a GHOST TOWN and unfit for living.

Children Of the Sea 

Broken Cross


A little one playing with the only toy she could find , fish from her fathers catch.

my toys

These 3 were following me where ever I went on the island

children of the sea 2

Rameshwarm railway station and the famous Pamban Bridge ,the 2nd longest sea bridge in India.The view from the bridge is breathtaking.

dhamushkodi grid 1

Ruins of the church

dhamushkodi grid 2The post office , more ruins  and  roof of a house now filled with sand .

dhamushkodi grid 3


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