Manapad – The Hidden Treasure

Work took me to the small port town of Tamil Nadu, Tuticorin. As I was stationed at the outskirts of the this small town, my only weekend past time was to visit the nearby villages & understand their culture and history ; with my Camera of course. One such place that I visited was Manapad- a small fishing town, 50km from Tuticorin . Its a small sleepy town with 3 distinct churches.

3 churches

History of Manapad
In the year 1540 a Portuguese trading ship travelling around the Cape of Good Hope , on its way to the East got caught in a terrible storm .The hind mast of the ship was damaged and the sales were torn ; fearing for the lives of his crew the captain of the ship made a vow that he would construct a cross from the broken mast and plant it on the shores of where ever they landed .After drifting for several days the ship washed up on the shores of Manapad


St.Francis Xavier
St. Francis visited Manapad in 1542 and he took abode in a cave .He had trained 2 youngsters (Anthony and Augustine) to assist him in performing Holy Mass. One day Augustine found Anthony lying on the beach motionless frothing from the mount and a cobra slithering away from his body .Feeling no pulse he called out to St.Francis who came and bless Anthony’s lifeless body and asked him to get up .Much to the amazement to all who had gathered Anthony got up and went to assist St.Francis as if nothing had happened.

Holy Cross Church built on top of a Cliff

Altar of the Holy Ghost Church

The Holy Cross Church with the Lighthouse in the background

Holy Spirit Church

St.James Church shows influence of Gothic architecture

Getting There : Bus from Tuticorin Bus Stand or you can fly in to Tuticorin

Fun Fact : Manapad beach is really good for surfing .

Places of interest around Tuticorin


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