Shivanasamudra Trip Guide

The great Kaveri River makes its way though the rocks and ravines of the Deccan Plateau and drops off to form the Shivanasamudra falls. The falls consists of 2 waterfalls The Gaganachukki falls and The Bharachukki falls. Shivanasamudra is around 130 Km from Bangalore city and hence the perfect destination for a weekend road trip.


Road Map:

Bannerghatta Road | Nice Road | Kanakpura Road |Shivanasamudra

Take the Kanakapura road from Bangalore which is in good condition. Immediately after Kanakapura, the road branches into two. Take the road which is slightly to the right to reach Malavalli. The left branch leads to Sangama, Makedattu and Chunchi falls. After reaching Malavalli, take a left turn to go to Shivanasamudra.

Mysore Road | Maddur | Malavalli | Shivanasamudra

From Bangalore, you can drive along the Bangalore Mysore highway till Maddur. Immediately after Maddur Bus station, take a left towards Malavalli. Keep going further straight from Malavalli and you’ll reach Shivanasamudra. This route would take around 135 kilometers and the road is good upto Maddur, after which, the road condition deteriorates. However, this is the best road to reach Shivanasamudra from Bangalore. A non-stop journey would take approximately 3 hours from Bangalore.

Try to leave early to avoid the heavy city traffic.The drive to Shivanasamudra is very scenic so make sure you stop at a few places take a few pictures and enjoy the view

Best Time to visit Shivanasamudra is during the monsoons when the falls are in full swing , keep in mind that swimming will be dangerous during this time.


Dont take any heavy gear as you need to walk down a lot of steps to get to the base of the falls. Tripod and ND filters can be used to take long exposures. If you go on a ride on the coracle, carry some plastic to cover your precious SLR gear as the boats go dangerously close to the falls and you will get hit my a spray of water .

Things to carry:

  • Take a picnic lunch as there are not many places where you get decent food around the falls
  • Plenty of water
  • Camera
  • Shades

Photo Opps

  • The Waterfall
  • The broken bridge
  • The reservoir


  • Please be careful if you are going for a swim as the water flow gets rapid during the monsoon season
  • If you go on a weekend the place is gonna be crowded
  • The giant fleet of stairs! its easy going down ,but getting back up is a real pain in the Ass. Literally !
  • Women , please don’t wear heels , you will regret it
  • The Worst- crazy monkeys that try to steal your food, we lost a delicious tetra pack of Cranberry juice and vodka to a vicious monkey.


You can combine the trip to the falls with Talakadu which is 30 km away .

All together its a must see if your in Bangalore- Great drive, Picturesque Falls and a great place for a day trip.

Just.. beware of the Monkeys!


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