Sunflowers of Mukhed

mukhed 167-1-2-edit

Mukhed is a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra .The historical name of this city was ‘Mohanavati Nagar’. There is a fable about this name change. There was strong belief among native peoples that this city was enchanted! Once any personnel came to this city, would be enchanted by this city. And, as result, not able to easily leave this city. And the secret lies in name Mohanavati (which means bewitch). So they changed the name to Mukhed, as current city name!

Beautiful Sunflower Fields all along the highway !

sunflowers 117-1crop

Tripod Self Portrait


Yellow and green

mukhed 167-1-2

The Endless Road
mukhed 207-1

Shri Hazoor Sahib Gurudwara Nanded . It is located on the banks of the River Godavari at the city of Nanded in the state of Maharashtra, Western India.
mukhed 235-edit

mukhed 237-edit


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