Roadtrip Hessarghatta Grasslands

Hessarghatta  lies about 30KM from Bangalore City and it is probably the last surviving grasslands in Bangalore and a perfect destination for a weekend road trip with friends .
The vast grasslands provide hunting grounds for birds of prey and with a nice tele-lens you can get some awesome bird photos .If you love photography , you can spend an entire day taking pictures of the landscape, sunset at the lake , birds etc.
Hessarghatta is also famous for Nrityagram , which literally means Dance Village . Nrityagram  is a residential dance school which offers training in Indian Classical dance forms such as  Odissi, Mohiniattam, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali etc .The dance

Our Native Village is a small eco resort in Hessarghatta and we ended up going there for lunch and to take shelter from the hot summer sun .The food was nice and they have a decent wine bar .The resort has a very rustic ambiance  and it beautifully done up .The service was excellent and I highly recommend the place to anyone visiting Hessarghatta . The Taj Kuteeram was a big disappointment ! they had a very disgusting looking expensive buffet and very very rude staff !!!

I went to Hessarghatta with a group of 6 friends and we had a blast , driving around the grasslands , taking pictures of the landscape , chilling out in Our Native village and the nice drive back .It was a perfect weekend !


More photos of Our Native Village
Hessarghatta 2013-10
Hessarghatta 2013-1

Things to do in Hessarghatta

  • Pack a picnic lunch
  • Spend time at the lake
  • Capture birds of prey in action
  • Take landscape photos
  • Visit  nrityagram (Closed on Mondays )
  • Chill out in Our Native Village resort

Things not to do

  • Please dont litter , its really sad to see the beautiful landscape littred with beer bottles , plastic waste etc
  • DONT visit Taj Kuteeram , the place sucks .Bad service , bad food , rude staff , expensive

Trip itinerary
• Left at 10:30 am from Whitefield and we reached by 12
• Drove around the grass lands
• Went to Taj Kuteeram for lunch as it was really hot , the place sucked so we walked out
• Went to Our Native Village , had lunch and chilled there till about 4
• Explored the grasslands
• Started our journey back at 6


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